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The touch that lasts a lifetime!

Baby Strokes will help you to reach out and touch your child in a new way!


  • Quiet your fussy baby with patience and love through the power of infant massage.

  • Discover simple techniques to help reduce your baby's discomfort from teething pains, colic and gas, nasal congestion and stress.

  • Learn how to connect with your baby as you better understand the infant cues your baby uses to communicate his / her needs.

  • Experience the many benefits of providing massage to your baby and growing child.

Massage is a great way to show your baby and growing child just how much you love them and care!

Baby Strokes

Baby Strokes

Encourage your child’s growth and development through the power of Pediatric Massage.

Baby Strokes will help you to increase your knowledge about the many benefits of massaging your baby and growing child. Infant / Child massage creates an opportunity for parents, babies and the growing child to bond and to build a long lasting relationship. Infant /Child massage can provide many physiological, psychological and emotional benefits to the Parent and Infant / Child.

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Located in Austin, Texas, Baby Strokes Infant / Child Massage Instruction is owned by Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI2) and Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT) , Melanie Wattles RN

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Baby Strokes