What people are saying

Thank you Melanie for your awesome instruction! C is sleeping so much better! You are right! The ear lobe massage works like magic!

Thanks very much, we are enjoying massage regularly now!

Thank you so much for meeting us today. It was so awesome to see you!

Thanks so much for offering the baby massage class this morning, Melanie! I would love to talk to you later this summer about the possibility of holding another class in the fall. We appreciate you!

Thanks for letting me join your class today it was great!

Will need to practice with baby. Excellent class.

Dear Melanie. Thanks for the massage class. D really enjoys her massages.

She (Melanie) was good at explaining everything and was great with my kids. He (baby) likes some of it. It is a great time well spent.

Flexible and friendly environment. Furthered the bonding process and taught me some calming techniques and remedies to use at home

Covered at a good pace and always willing to allow for baby’s needs. This was perfect for a massage class.

Very good communicator and gives very calm explanation. Massage is very relaxing for both of us.

Very calm and friendly (Melanie was). The massage is very relaxing for my baby.

Melanie was very friendly with good communication skills, giving an immediate relaxing feel to the sessions.

My baby really enjoyed the massage and I really enjoyed the time and contact with him.

She (Melanie) was good at explaining. Massage makes him relax and sleep well.

Great class! Glad to have taken it.

Great presentation! Very interesting!

R really enjoyed the massage time.

Melanie was very thorough and answered all my questions.

Thank you! We loved the class.

The hand massage has been particularly helpful.

We use mostly tummy to help digestion and it works. We use other strokes to calm him when he is overtired.

It was a great class, I enjoyed it.

C enjoyed the foot and leg massage. I got to see how she displayed discomfort with the upward stroke and happiness with the downward strokes.

Melanie was very friendly and informative. The demonstration made me feel confident.

My baby loved her massage.It helped me bond with her even more and was a comfort to know she was enjoying it. Melanie Wattles was wonderful. Thank you for coming to my home and teaching me about infant massage.

I am better able to ease her GI discomfort.

Loved meeting you. Thanks for sharing your expertise and for your patience during feedings and diaper changes etc.